Wholesale Men's Toiletry Kit - Men's Toiletry Kit For Kit Packing Parties

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1 Pack
Male 100 Kit

Makes 100 Kits

Bulk quantities of 11 different travel size and sample size products. Includes everything you need for a packing party or community service event! Products included in the kit are:

(100) Colgate 0.15oz Toothpaste Packets
(100) Generic White Toothbrushes
(100) Freshscent 0.34oz Conditioning Shampoo Packets
(100) Generic Disposable Twin Blade Razors
(100) Freshscent 0.25oz Shaving Cream Packets
(100) Freshscent 1oz Deodorant Soap Bars
(100) Generic 5 inch Black Pocket Combs
(100) Freshscent Deodorant Gel Packets
(100) Generic Facial Tissues 15 count Pouches
(100) Sanitizer Wipes
(100) Ziploc Quart Bag

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